2004 Hall of Fame Inductees UMPIRE
Dave Minnitti

Success on the athletic field is not a prerequisite to being a good umpire, but you could put a check mark in both categories next to the name of Dave Minnitti. Born September 22, 1918 in Carbonado, WA,  Dave was a three-sport athlete at Bellarmine, from where he graduated in 1938.  Minnitti showed good talent as an outfielder and first baseman in the Tacoma City League and the Valley League. He played for Cammarano Bros. in the City League in 1939-40, one season hitting better than .400, outstanding at any level. From 1946-60 he played for several City and Valley League teams including Kay Street, Phil’s of Edgewood, and finally for Madigan Hospital. Dave also earned a brief shot at pro ball, playing briefly for the home  town Tacoma Tigers of the Western International League in 1939, the year they won the Shaughnessy Playoffs. When he turned to umpiring, which he did for approximately 15 years, he became one of the best “men in blue” in the area. He handled games at all levels – high school, recreation, college, and the semi-pro leagues. Minnitti is one of the young fellows in attendance today at a youthful 85 years of age.