2004 Marc H. Blau Meritorious Service Award

Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy was a graduate of Lincoln High School and was very active as a coach for the South End Boys Club. His father, John, was very involved with the Tacoma Sports-Recreation Federation under the auspices of the Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma.

When Jack passed away at a young age, his enthusiasm and dedication for baseball was recognized by the creation of the Jack Murphy Award that acknowledged the Most Valuable Player at the annual West Central Game which was played annually at Cheney Stadium.

This contest, which was sponsored by the Tacoma Sports-Recreation Federation, was between the City and the District and served as a feeder game for the state high school all-star game later in the summer. Because high school coaches were prohibited by WIAA rules from being involved, local coaches were recruited from the ranks of former professional and semi-professional players. Those included Gordon Brunswick, former San Francisco Seals outfielder; Bill Funk, ex-Tacoma Tigers hurler; Doug McArthur, former coach of the national champions Stanley Shoemen team; Bob Maguinez, longtime Cheney Studs standout and two-time semi-pro national champion team member; and Phil Misley.