Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon, born on June 4, 1945 in Tacoma, started his fastpitch playing career at the age of 16, and he stayed with it until 1987 when he turned his attention to coaching girls fastpitch.

He played with a number of teams at the local, regional and national level during those years: Manitou Merchants (1961); Manitou Businessmen (1962-64); South Tacoma Chevrolet (1965); Manitou Fuel (1968-71 and 1973-74); Ruth Realty (1972); and B&I Sports, Anchor Realty and Coors (1975-87). He also played in a number of games as a pick-up player for Manke & Sons Lumber during the 1974 season.

An outfielder early in his fastpitch career, Kenyon many times earned many Most Valuable Player and all-star awards. A switch hitter, Kenyon demonstrated his speed as a slap hitter, bunter and line drive hitter. In 1976, he made the move to catcher with the arrival of Al Binns from New Zealand. He later played on and coached various slowpitch teams.

Once he turned his attention to fastpitch coaching, he was as successful in the dugout as he had been on the field. He coached his first girls fastpitch team, the Panthers, in Puyallup from 1985-89. Next, he was an assistant coach of the Diamond Queens that finished fifth in the 1991 ASA Hall of Fame Tournament and also participated in the ASA national tournament in Maryland.

When Pierce College reinstituted its fastpitch program, dormant since 1986, Kenyon was the coach, leading the first-year team to a third-place finish in the NWAACC South Division. In 1996 the circle was completed when he returned to coaching the Panthers, filling that role until 1999 and leading the Panthers to four national tournaments, including a ninth-place finish in 1998.

Kenyon also coached various women's A level slowpitch teams at the local and regional level, including Wayne's Roofing and The Office Tavern.

A 1964 graduate of Mt. Tahoma High School, he is employed by Doxon Toyota as a salesman.